Rushkoff's Complexity: Buzzfeed Style (2017)

The Process

Based on the "Complexity" chapter from Douglas Rushkoff's Programmed or Be Programmed, I found more than a few headaches in making this video.

When I first began brainstorming, a Buzzfeed video immediately came to mind. I am interested in working for the video department and their many subjects they cover. I recreated the typical colored cyc background using a green screen and the simple graphics in After Effects.

Using a green screen with two cameras proved difficult to remove in post. The varying shadows made for sloppy keying. Using a blue Illustrator image as the background, I created the faux colored cyclorama, and masked the video footage as close to the talent as possible. Originally, as seen below in the graphics mood board, I chose a purple background. However, in editing, I realized the purple did not convey the correct tone for the video and changed it to blue.

I created the binary code in After Effects using a randomize text animation, and I layered them on top of each other to create a Matrix-like code transition. In addition, I created a replica of the Buzzfeed graphic for the open using my own brand and logo.

Pre-Production Documents