What Started It All

Anchoring Mary Kay Internship Meet Devon Gadberry

Stumbling Into My Major

To say that I knew what I wanted to study would be a lie. My only goal was to work in something creative. When I declared my major in Creative Media Productions at the University of Oklahoma, I only knew I would be working with video.

When I began my core major classes, I fell face first into the challenging & rewarding world of Video Production. Learning to storyboard videos, ranging from :30 commercials to short films, I discovered my passion for editing videos together. I thrived most in the edit bays. I sat for hours on end, examining color temperature & sewing action from each scene together.

During my internship at Mary Kay Inc., I observed the Senior Editor of the A/V department not only editing videos together, but creating entire worlds from scratch for a :15 second advertisment. I watched as he added graphics on footage & making them look seamless within the world, and I was hooked. I knew I wanted to become a motion graphics designer.

What Others Say

"Talented, Intense and Determined. Those words describe OU Nightly Director Devon Gadberry. Ms. Gadberry joined the Nightly team her first month at the university and immediately became a leader. She rose to be a director of the student-run newscast in one of the shortest periods of time on record. Devon Gadberry is a mentor to her younger peers and someone we rely on."

Ken Fischer

OU Nightly Faculty Advisor

"Her willingness to learn and adapt to the job, our team, processes and her knowledge and expertise of general video production was a huge advantage to our entire office... Devon is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive energy and bring the best out of other employees."

Rick Ramirez

Sr. Video Producer, Mary Kay Inc.

Making it Count

Devon Directing Devon coffee Devon coffee

Control Rooms & Coffee

As a freshman coming into college, I never expected to see myself as a Director of a news program. Yet somehow, I discovered OU Nightly as a freshman, a student run news program where I found my niche. While I never gained the desire to work in news, the skills I learned in the control room have been invaluable. When the video programs froze during a live newscast, I learned to keep my cool and work on getting the system back up. I learned to over-communicate with all the crew members so the newscast looked clean on screen, even when a disaster could be happening behind the scenes.

And of course, I would not be the person I am today without that nectar from the gods: Coffee. I developed my addiction, again, freshman year, after too many all-nighters and a few procrastinated projects. Eventually, I reigned in my intake of cups per day and I began volunteering at Norman's non-profit coffee shop Second Wind. With an eclectic crowd, a wonderful group of baristas and locally sourced espresso, Second Wind became my home away from home.

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